Some Stuff About Me

When I was 10 years old I booked my first role as an orphan in the musical ‘Oliver’.

I've been in the arts ever since.

I’ve directed, written and acted in dozens of television and theatre productions.

7 years ago I moved from Israel to New York to study acting, ran into the love of my life, a beautiful Icelander, and decided to stay.

I bought my first camera to document our first trip together to the land of ice.

It changed my life.

Photography taught me how to find beauty everywhere I go.

It is also my key to people’s lives.

My focus and passion remain in the arts. shooting live performances keeps me on my toes, always on the hunt for the next truthful, powerful moment.

When I shoot portraits and events, I treat them like a work of art.

We live in Jersey City, NJ.

It is the best.

I love to travel.

I love drinking tea.

I love taking pictures.

Your turn.

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